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Superannuation is an excellent way of providing retirement benefits for a person by making contributions to a complying superannuation fund during the member’s life until retirement.Your investment choices can be broken into four general asset categories:

  • Shares,
  • Property,
  • Fixed Interest/Bonds,
  • Cash.

Though each may play a role in your long-term strategy, investing directly in shares, property, fixed interest and cash is not always easy forthe individual investor.Creating the ideal investment mix involves identifying your personal objectives and risk tolerance and diversifying your investments accordingly.That is, choosing what's appropriate for you and acquiring the appropriate investments.Monitoring and modifying your investment mix over a long period of time can also be a daunting task.Keeping track of market trends, interest rates, emerging opportunities and other unforeseeable variables requires an expert eye and large amounts of time and attention.Your Professional Phalanx Accounting adviser can determine your investment profile using a confidential data collection form and advise you of your options to achieve your goals.