Strategic planning is the key to success in modern competitive business environment and therefore, investing in property must also be planned strategically to create and optimize wealth of the owner.  Investing in property is a developing trend which brings you significant return on investment resulting from soaring real estate market prices not only in urban areas but also in suburbs all over. You will definitely be delighted to explore what is on offer at Phalanx.

Strategic Finance Advice

Financing is vital in any property development project.  Our integrated knowledge of Finance and Taxation would result in the optimum use of resources available.

Services We Offer

  • Work with you to develop a strategic plan tailored for your own circumstances
  • Assist you to explore the best areas and the ideal properties for investing
  • Strategic advice on structured financing
  • Education to mitigate risks of property development
  • Assist you in securing customized financial plan for you
  • Education to making informed decisions for financial situations
  • Effective Tax planning to legally reduce tax liabilities
  • Strategic advice to improve cash flows

Our Process

  • Understanding your current financial position
  • Identifying individual needs for investment
  • Explore potential investment opportunities in existing and future market structures
  • Analyse sustainability of investment through risk assessment and mitigation strategies
  • Creating customized investment portfolio to maximize wealth
  • Handling legislative aspects for compliance with Australian statutory authorities
  • Implementation, coordination and ongoing support

Benefits to you

  • Reliable advice from a qualified professionals
  • Strategic finance solutions for optimum use of resources
  • Appropriate guidance and ongoing support throughout
  • Improved cash flows with legally minimised taxes
  • Tax benefits to enjoy optimum wealth
  • Consistent financial growth with manageable risks
  • Balanced life with peace of mind
  • Relief from complex statutory procedures